Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hip Hop Poem

I faint sweet while seeing life run before me sprained deep
as friends paint streets I stay up watchin my babe sleep
exposing fake cheats keeping eyes open on fake sheep
as hate creeps with goals larger than Fifa critics gate keep
what they states weak, but with her I saw my faith leap
I pace weeks together off an on watchin her face weep
today's steep I saw her with other dudes, but its ok slowly
act smoothe like Don Juan, but you won't get close no way Jose
they act like shes into drinkin, drugs, gucci an prada
but truly this drama has left my heart unruly in armor
you see the problem the closer I get the bigger chances of hurt
she dances with jerks I'm on the sideline with our romance in the dirt
temptin me, but im not empty see when grieving steadily
im readily going back to her in a spur endin up breathin heavily
roses are red violets are blue, but I'm addicted too lips
speakin of her till I die her names Hip Hop shes where the truth is.

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