Thursday, December 1, 2011


Check it the topic will be..........time.....

Tick tock as the second goes by

were frozen an nobody knows why

it varies like a roller coaster ride

your mind carries this solar side

feelings change from dark to light

surrounding influencing inner spark tonight

a moon crosses as an eclipse lays

tomorrow comes an changes in six days

you can't predict it's like a mix plays

on and on to till your body will fix daze

wake to another world discover twirled

causes your brother hurled, a color curled

in infinity all in a meaning of mist

does time change in heaven? does the evening exist?

we keep track screening the wrist

but sleep that eternal fate an hate weaning a list

cuz I got a lot of stuff to do

I hope that is enough for you

see most mothafuckers will let the minute slip by

I fight for every second when in it an grip sly

moments that pass us

my opponents molasses

just a another blabbin crow clown

kinda fallin gotta speed up while he's like slooooow dooown

woah now I can't let this flow drown

quickly swimming through time until people bestow crown

till then im speedy Gonzales

if you need me abolish

the part of your heart that's greedy be honest

the greasy sublime is to act very needy demolish

every consequence of common sense

looking at all of the fakes being beady the polish

wears of when your dirty an thirty so stay clean

older people forget not knowing what they mean

everything gets twisted like a metamorphic distorted

when wrong crowds time like stuff a whore chick supported

it can screw you over till u go suicide screaming Geronimo

regretting your circle messing up your sight when you gotta go

best make it likely you use it wisely every seconds a domino

stack em right keep track an fight for that light you outta know

that sometimes we make mistakes mentally

so you'll mess up your line accidentally

but essentially keep on stacking an making it last

eventually you'll get strong start escaping the past

i've been born in this passing premises

every since I saw my nemesis

a round face an oval ring tongue

young and old as the vocal sing sung

from the fabric of mind

causing static the blind

won't see when its wasting quick an actually

its funny how fantasy changes slick in reality

yes it may seem like an obstacle

but time can change the impossible

changing your optical to the unstoppable

as you breach an reach with a plausible

conclusion no ending it's a delusion

often times were in suspending confusion

the past can leave you entrapped

its fast how you can breathe wrapped

by the moment of excellence

the pain is change an time is evidence

being here in its residence

I set an steer my imminence.

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