Thursday, December 1, 2011

Im on my own so here we go..............

dedicated to anyone who can relate...................

everyday is a resolution

a revolution

my conclusion of this world

a delusion i've been twirled

am I winning or losing?

feels like im spinning this choosing

making me tired breaking perspired

blatantly fired brazenly wired

Im on my own here we go!

common my vision blurry

bombing decision hurry

calm an im given worry

in my palm I envision thirty

enemies there all plotting against me

with bare arms I fight there weaponry deadly

eyes heavy an red im refusing to blink

im ready no dread never choosing to sink

Im on my own here we go!

But if anyone wants to face me the hour is here

Im not the average opponent that will cower in fear

If you knock me down I’ll get back up an keep on swinging

I’ll take all the pain an give it back I don’t care what your bringing

An it’s the people you care about that can make it the worst

Sometimes your cursed when they leave you an that’s when it hurts

But im learning an all my demons now I sever within

Learning to prevail from life now until forever again

Im on my own here we go............

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