Thursday, December 1, 2011

16 bars a day 2 topic: regrets

I wish I never would've wrote this
then I wouldn't ever sever the clock an get quoted
its noted that the past can't change so why regret its hopless?
but as I focus on my mistakes they tear me open
and I get into a pattern that makes me starts choking
I've broken these habits before, but they keep cloaking
an soaking up more of my time so I'm stuck times up
dry luck or was it lack of will that made me lie cut?
end of the day and here comes a new one
line up all my regrets and my thoughts are too gone
when your spinning out of control how do you stop it?
gone like a rocket time spews I'm confused without logic
stuck in a project feeling out an boxed in looking toxic
getting off this trail of misery seems like its not an option
but as we stare into the future the past disappears
regret gets clear an we put down this flask of fear
Ripping off the the damage of which this mask adheres
best to live each day as if its your last as we pass the years

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