Thursday, December 1, 2011


Every second I feel like i'm multi-tasking
never fully asking what I've accomplished
running in circles trying to monetize nonsense
I've proselytized problems, I try to stand up an rise honest
If I knew the step I need to take I'd take it
but I'm trying to take all of them with flagrance
some say I don't have the patience
I've left the road to being rich and famous blazed since
I started spitting fire for my own amazement
an so I say this because I'm stuck in the matrix
of not knowing whether to follow music or business
so I do both and its resulted in an abusive consistence
usually I'm in this cycle daily until I see sleep
I wake up and repeat replay trying to be elite
It's like striving to be great makes you worse
but I'll keep pushing this until I break or burst.

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