Saturday, December 3, 2011

16 bars a day 5 topic: Revolution

check it chickens,

I spit the sickest
you may say that lines ridiculous
but I swear every time I say it I get lifted
my heads shifted
in another world with my dreams coming true
I've read scriptures bout mc's spitting guns and jewels
I need wisdom so "pimpin playa" once your through
Watch me open up minds like Stevie Wonder dude
I'm wonderful an won a few praises from a others who
gun it through this world are handicapped, but still run it too
do math dude your out for a count my ones and two's are cunning truth
they'll make the place shake from under fools
I've sprung the few who can re-engineer and stun the youth
bringing back what is ours see what we want the truth!
so flaunt an drool while we launch some schools
plunder duel and do anything to gain back our freedom
if your a ghost heathen we've been huntin you for your cheatin

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