Thursday, December 1, 2011


these little pieces of words are all mc
im like a politician without a fuckin policy
you stupid fuckers ain't gettin no apology
get mad ima laugh at your ass cuz honestly
your lucky dummy I speak with honesty
just read this prophecy im a verbal prodigy
we can both be whatever we gotta be
but saying your a better rapper is a goddam lie
you wanna compare like I care fine I am why!?
cuz you suck dick take it in the ass an smoke a gram high
fuckin fake gangsters I'll smoke your whole scam die
bitch pussies love lion watch the lamb fry
you best respond too or end up in a sham spry
im just writing about haters like a robot
these words spurt to hurt there so hot
I spit missles an hit any tension you shot
practice till im flawless an you can't mention a spot
that needs perfection with the verbal extension I got
no detection of weakness with my ascension I plot
to be so fly I'll shoot you from sky with the attention I clot
you got a problem then go ahead an find me G
dum people say stupid shit an act like they kindly flea
get me pissed off for real an you will fuckin finally see
how ima turn into a devil that I can so blindly be
everyone is like flow! flow! while im on the dock still
an I freeze up with whack shit an hear the clock drill
shit seconds passin an I haven't even wrote shit yet
but be happy im honest an just don't quote spit bit
just cuz you recorded ain't shit your still all rookies in bilk
an fuck it you want a message I like cookies an milk

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