Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm unstoppable

I'm unstoppable like a cheese pizza un-toppable bitch
I gotta spit this just to show you a human rocket exists
im on lock get the gist punchlines are like a rock is my fist
makin you swear tupac does exist then you get caught in a mist
disappear for a year found in the ground chopped up to bits
a practice target gettin outsmarted dont start it your not ahead DUMMY
this is like Ted Bundy versus a low slow hoe tryna give head to me
so superman i'm flyin through time on tracks gettin all Lanes lost
game glossed won the battle before it started Jesus you came crossed
Lebron James boss ima vast voyager vagabond made to be a star
paid to see you scar your fire? whats a supernova weighed to three cigars?
afraid to flee my bars are killin like ima caveman with club hits
your sayin some dum shit actin like your crap has brain it comes with
make like Blaine you dum tricks or end up gettin flamed by my pun sticks
framed with no gun cliques I'm picture perfect your maimed stunned quick
leavin you in spots this sons sick while you put poo on your shoe just too run shit

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