Thursday, December 1, 2011


now that I escape with the weight

of the seconds that rape my fate

on my shoulders im moving boulders

my inner ember smolders all you beholders

an old player, but now life's a game of spy chess

used to pawn pieces now it's all my queens I bless

your highness can't see me completely like an Iris

writing scriptures rare to the world like papyrus

oh my miss is shinning like a shooting star

want brain? I stem from a course rooting par

an invisible love that is really the mist

all fading in the world we don't ideally exist

im not malevolent

just benevolent

thoughts prevalent

trying to be excellent

80% of the battle is practice

the 20 left over is just an actress

dramatizing an discerning the fact is

didactic damage can lack wiz

opening up your mind is hard

whenever I find the scarred

I see there third eye is simply blind and barred

don't know though should I bind the charred?

trying to clean away the dirt cycling like laundry

again an again ghosts from the past they haunt me

a young juvenile

words I truly pile

skill in unruly style

it's a duly while

I broke past the verbal circle

out running every other gerbil

looking for a way out I change the process

stepping outside laundry room for progress

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