Thursday, December 1, 2011

16 bars a day 1

so...I broke my laptop today
no hope like my lifes gonna drop away
I was so stoked until I got computer problems
so I went on fail blog because I was too disheartened
finally after watching other failures I feel little better
though I'm sad me an me laptop have to part since we've been together
I'm in this weather where it rains non-stop
so I have to open my eyes and see beyond drops
because...sometimes my vision gets blurry at times
I waste seconds when I write and hurry the rhymes
I could think everything through...
but instead I speed up like average menacing dudes
many sing tunes
while I try and say the logic
days sway a lot since
I feel I'm stuck in this inane game
a picture speaks a thousand words? what about the main frame?

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