Thursday, December 1, 2011

"The day is Monday an you know how it goes"

Check it,

The day is Monday an you know how it goes

Catch me on BCC walking like a pimp, but no hoes

anyways it's finals an we were getting graded today

an I thought I did good so I paraded away

but when we got our papers back I was jaded an gray

I got a whack ass C! is the English teacher faded astray!?

she fucked my writing up without even kissing it

"An adequate thesis", but yo I wasn't missing shit!

72/100 it said grammar an punctuation could have been better


If you think this teacher is hard then im a believer

I'm so hot right now I think I got a fuckin fever!

lol it's cool that's the way school can be a trife go

I quickly left class, but here's today's lesson for life yo

Whenever you get bullshitted an it goes through the nerve

Don't leave the field stay an fight for what you deserve.

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