Thursday, December 1, 2011


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I wanna impart bliss, but feel heartless cuz the day is all the same
questioning my smartness trying to travel where far is I fall in change
spun by quarters of stares heads staring at me stuck to a ball an chain
am I small an plain? guess its 50/50 I don't know what I haul is pain
covered by green I leave the grass alone not seein if my mental is proper
am I machine stuck in this dream of schemes made up of metal an copper
do I peddle improper ideas cuz my doubts in motion inside a maze of tokens
im amazed by broken souls who wander around in a fray not spoken
today im frozen and to escape I just wait for the sunlight
does Captain America save me from the hate of a gunfight
all the hysteria cuz of my relationship and I divorced this dominion
WashingTon's of my fathers sins trying to force an opinion
tryna to speak is weak these animals treat us like hoarse children
I see some caught in a watered down track stuck in a coarse schism
well...I guess they call em bars cuz in the end they force prison
down on all fours living to pray out of this poor system

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