Thursday, December 1, 2011

"I see a cute blond so I stop to give this honey advice"

alright this isn't gonna be no braggadocio stuff ima make all of these have some sort of lesson to em lol

Here we go, oh, oh, yo, yo, yo, this ain't serious, but its a good warm up rap.

First BCC day of the year an I would sway in the Fall,

you know me walking around like a playa an all,

Im feeling dope the weather is sunny an nice,

I see a cute blond so I stop to give this honey advice,

first I hesitate a bit, but it ain't a debate,

so fine ima make her mine an approach her straight,

now when it comes to women you know I use common sense

approached her gave out my hand using my confidence

I said "Hi my name is Vlad"

don't get me wrong yall not like my game is bad

but this line worked perfect an then I saw her smile

she gave me her name an we would talk for a while

we had the same first class together an it wasn't likely

that she was a smart blond and left handed just like me!

I was impressed an my imagination was tantalizing

cuz about this girl I started fantasizing

you know what happens to us guys this stuff has been plain

she sat next to me knees connecting I was going insane!

she was like perfect an even 1 year younger

next day she even gave me her phone number!

An I was happy as happy as playa can be,

but she had a boyfriend an it wasn't me!

Now I ain't lying I speak truthfully kids

when somethings to good to be true it usually is

there's your first lesson an it's a little over 16 bars, but hey I was on a roll lol peace

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