Thursday, December 1, 2011

who I am

my words are deep, but my minds aimless

don't know the world let alone what my name is ;P

check the dictionary an it means ruler of peace

does peace need ruling or should the ruling cease?

you wanna put the blame on me well go ahead blame this

still ima strive till greatness will arrive, not like lame kids

I don't fuck around, both types of bitches can't take me

this time watch my past as I decide to break free

learning that hating is easy loving is hard

looking for a pure heart im shoving the scarred

you mighta crossed me like Jesus I dress like a peasant

forget cash ima get rich chasing dreams in the present

I think outside of the box in this gift that I rap

pave paths to heaven spread wings lift an then map

a world where utopia is nothing, but cornucopia

blind healed thought fought free from myopia

my hommie said it's like they don't see past there noses

well then I guess im like Micheal Jackson with parabiosis

isn't that ironic?

not cuz that past statement was sardonic

but because of the plutonic

way minds can infect you chronic

I hope you comprehend the other lecherous

way brain can play vain turning treacherous

im not against the world, but I wanna start believing its fair

that's equal not for races, but all humans breathing the air

I ain't never gonna let no one tell me who I am

I have to cook an I clean an provide for my fam

I quit complaining though im becoming a man

following the beat like im drumming the plan

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