Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A change in my path....

As a lot of you know, I am into business and entrepreneurship. I love music and hip hop, but I always considered it more of a hobby even though it would be cool to put together an album one day. I've quit writing 16 bars a day because hip hop is amazing, but not my top priority in life right now. I first started writing as a way to leave whatever troubled me in a rap and now I don't really find I need that anymore. I want to become and entrepreneur the most, so I have to make that my priority...yes its true, I've decided that writing 16 bars a day isn't most productive for me anymore. I will post up new lyrics, but only if I have the time. Sorry for the change, but I haven't been able to focus as much lately.

The good news is that the blog will continue, I hope you guys enjoy the posts. My top three priorities in my life are Health, Relationships and Business, which is what this blog will be about and whatever else my life revolves around time to time. My new motivation for this blog is to inspire to succeed as you read about my successes and feel your not alone with your failures because I have a ton of those too.

My daily schedule right now is: Wake up, have a great breakfast, exercise, shower ect, improve my business life and improve the relationships with the ones I'm around.

In terms of Health: I'm in ok shape right now, but my goal is to have a 6 pack be able to do 10 hand stand push ups with no wall and 30 pull ups.

In terms of Business: I need to learn more about everything, but I also love technology and figure I need programming skills to be able to make my own products.

In terms of relationships: I have a great girlfriend and family, but I just need to spend more time with them. Also I need to build more relationships with business people who I can later work with or can give me advice.

Stay in tune because I'll be uploading my progress with each one of these at the end of everyday around 9:00 pm. Also you may find some bars written every once in a while when I have time. :)

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