Thursday, December 1, 2011

you can't stop

you can't stop because when you stop moving your dyin
people rant a lot please don't equate losing with tryin
cuz as soon as your flyin there's a chance you'll fall
just stand up tall cuz if you don't you'll never dance at all
romance is called love, but you should love yourself first
look down at tears an you won't see what your well worth
I tell spurts of wisdom here an there on a daily basis
I know lifes crazy mazes entangle me to hazy faces
I may be faceless, but just look in the mirror for an answer
never fear of what your after it all gets clearer with some laughter
If lifes a play then fear is just an actor, so see it through
if you trip flip the script an keep it cool never be untrue
your free to do anything as long as you don't paralyze
beware the cries, notice the sulking never prepare to rise
stare at eyes and see the zombies they were too scared
while you stared through the darkness going few dared


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