Thursday, December 1, 2011

decision, decisions

Decisions decisions,

conviction imprisons

my train of thought

is insane I ought

to forget the past inquiry

my mind will spin to free

all of life's answers its systematic

I can't stop like an addict in an attic

with grammatic rhyme of dope

a line like coke you can't cope

the white torture

brain scorcher on a journey

through tongue twisters that turn thee

connecting to your head like hair there curly

or straight to the point this fate is swirly

cheating on this black hole

decisions can be bashful

recycling the past dull

when choices were a trash hull

an hour glass with a spoiled grain

wrong choice making unsoiled slain

instigation in the population

by exploration equals deprivation

when hesitation is our relegation

elevation driven by prison's congregation

the heart beat of the concrete jungle

where decisions are vain an defeat the humble

making your aorta bleed in need to mumble

strange, but the sorta speed makes us stumble

trapped on the middle road

but slowed down by a riddle a code

spacing until the stars faded

wrong choice even if reincarnated

eating a whole soul as we elapse

gotten the rotten on track I wanna see laps

eye on the sun an the glitter flare is on

picking inquisition through this marathon

bored an stored into a hell

hoard a chord to break this spell

stuck dry atoms flow into this well

wrong way all along making a wound

strong sway baking the stray

no connection just emotion of free sense

a detection of recollection no pretense

chosen to be fat like im blubbery

foreign like humus a discovery

problems of taste a growing cavity

bloody red river mind flowing rapidly

tangling sarcasm can I be any blunter

wrangling many to fly free as a hunter

shooting ideas between lines like a punter

an easy breezy wind we all shunter

dark cynicism inside a psycho paws them

mystery lost in history held by a microcosm

eruption of physics

construction of mystics

off the top a tick tock in a joint

smoking away at the face with no point

a mathematical equation with a minus no plus

when ignorance is like a camera without focus

yo, yo, yo,

my life is like a movie reel it should

be convulsed full of thought an feel so good

yet I spend my days broke an confused

standing in the dark choking I used

every grain of time to speak in blabber

so many full of shit they reek an stagger

mind distracted refracted like hypnosis

stuck in a paradigm I don't know if anyone knows this

but im stuck in a shell with asbestosis

asking for help like I got halitosis

blankly screening myself wondering why

I don't brush my teeth as times thundering bye

lol I gotta brush my teeth goodnight.

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