Thursday, December 1, 2011


when facebook asks me what im doing I wanna say:

im sitting here typing with nothing to do,

ok I gotta life I was bluffing it's true,

I gotta do my homework raise my GPA,

get a car or steal one just like GTA,

don't know if I can mold my life, but clay might,

I need dough so I hustle in dark till daylight,

im not a slacker im just running out of motivation

feel slow for real though like there's no relation

everything is a blur I need some correlation

mind stuck in space in this lowly station

between action an thought

dam look at what distraction has brought

tripping slipping I now see traction I sought

ima stop procrastinatin erasing these schemes

of wasting time an start chasing my dreams

giving up makes you weaker an it can be a hollowing slash

I see some scared of their dreams so they're following cash...

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