Thursday, July 15, 2010

quick 16 bars with beat

16 bars I wrote the other day,

you'd swear the way I'm playing the game I have a cheat code
stare an see me sprayin these flames i'm in delete mode
gettin rid of all problems check the process its unconscious
like a prophet or a rich man I can't put up with non-sense
beyond dense like a supernova in a stellar explosion
can't comprehend the movements like Helen Keller in motion
flow developin oceans plus I attack in sight well in the open
the world I fell in is smokin so im breakin out till its frozen or hell is explodin
that was back then the me that you used to know
I'm changing fast an the new me gets too confused to slow
see questions I ask now are too great I don't have time to play
if I space out I quickly come back to earth when im astray
and im afraid but I stare fear in the eyes an shine today
if im its prey I join the hunt hands closed til it climbs away
watch as I rose to it's grave writin bars with this line bouquet
time is gray so I fill up frames with new designs to say

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